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Sakana-kun Boxfish (female)


SKU: SK003
About raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of origin: China
size 46 cm
About the product Age: 6 years old or older
Sakana kun's tips written on a tag!

[A word from the maker planning staff]
It features a box-shaped shape when viewed from the front.
A female without a blue pattern.
The one that is often imagined is a male, so it may feel uncomfortable, but in response to the request from Fish Kun that "it is very cute when two male and female are lined up", female is also commercialized.

Distribution: Iwate prefecture to southern Kyushu. Usually found in shallow water.
Characteristic: The boxfish fish has no ocular spines, lumbar spines, and dorsal ridges (some species), so it can be distinguished from other genera in the same family. The number of dorsal fin soft lines and the number of anal fin soft lines are both 9. The body color is yellow-brown, and the large male has a very bright blue back. The juvenile stage resembles a southern boxfish, but the black spots on the body side are smaller than the eye diameter. Adults can be distinguished by the absence of black spots on the head and tail.
From WEB Fish Picture Book
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