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Insect-case glass beetle.


Size W9 × D23 × H6 cm
About Products Insect wiggling puzzling!!
We were obsessed with details such as horns and legs.
The string part is the reel formula that extends as a pull.

Target age 6 years old or older
Main material: polyester
Country of production: China

Taxonomy: the family Baptidae
School name: Trypoxylus dichotomus
English: Japanese rhinoceros beetle

It is one of the most important species in the family of the Japanese Caganae.The male head has a long horny protubulation, with two minutes on the left and right side, and two minutes each, but smaller branches of small individuals are smaller.It also has a tip that is two minutes away from the back of the chest.There are no such projections on the female.
It is covered with a mask of hairs, and there is no glossy.It is the most common type of insect that is sold as a pet.

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