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Insect Magnet Caucasus Giant Beetle


Size W10 x D17 x H6cm
About the product Insect stuffed toy magnet!!
It is reminiscent of the figure that the figure which sticks with the magnet of the part of the stomach sticks to the tree.

Age 6 or older
Main material: Polyester
Country of production: China

Classification: Beetle beetle
Scientific name: Chaosoma chiron
English name: Caucasus beetle

Caucasian giant beetle
It features three long corners. It is the largest beetle in Asia, and it is often referred to as the world's strongest beetle along with Hercules giant beetle in South America because it has a strong fighting spirit.
It lives in tropical highland forests and cloud forests at an altitude of 800-2000 m, such as Sumatra, Java, Malay, and Indochina. Among them, there are many individuals at an altitude of 1200-1700 m, and there are many large individuals. It is called "Caucasus", but it does not inhabit the Caucasus region.
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