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Wild Graphy Brontosaurus (L)



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About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W14 x D40 x H40cm
About the product It is a new stuffed animal that reproduces the unique color and pattern of the animal. The print is not just a photograph, but an exquisite arrangement was added to preserve the cuteness of the stuffed animal while using the cloth printed to the pattern of the detail as shown in the photograph.

Age 6 years old or older

What is Brontosaurus?
Brontosaurus was previously classified as a young individual of apatosaurus, not a formal species.
Brontosaurus, once one of the world's most popular dinosaur species, was recognized as a separate species by mistake in the early 20th century and was no longer used as an official name.
Apatosaurus has been inhabited since the late Jurassic period and is a dinosaur with a long neck and whip-like tail.
Similar to brachiosaurus, it was considered the same dinosaur until the study was published in 2015.
Apatosaurus lived on land with a pointed face at the tip of his nose.
He also became a model for Nessie, a dinosaur popular with children.
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