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About raw materials Natural rubber
*Latex is a component of natural rubber, and the protein has an antigen that causes allergies, so if you have allergies, please refrain from purchasing it.
Size W20 x D25 x H10cm
About the product Realistic detail!

Age 7 or older
Main material: Natural rubber
Country of production: Sri Lanka

What is the Chiobiya Dokugael?
The body color is a bright shade of black and yellow stripes. Females are slightly larger and fatter than males. The toes and soles of your fingertips are sticky, making it easy to climb trees and keep them stuck somewhere else. Poison is secreted from the skin. The bright body color helps to warn natural enemies that they are poisoned. This poison seems to be made from ants that the toad eat as food. Indigenous people in South America used the frog's poison for hunting by painting it on the tip of an arrow.

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● Please do not use other than the viewing purpose.
● Please do not approach the fire because it will cause deformation, alteration, or fire.
Damage and deformation, please do not rough handling because it will cause unexpected injury.
●For the use of natural rubber, it will deteriorate. In addition, due to the characteristics of the material, there is a case where a small hole is opened in the manufacturing process, but it is not defective.
Latex is a component of natural rubber, because there is an antigen that causes allergies to the protein, please refrain from purchasing if you have allergies.
● If you feel uncomfortable with the skin, please stop using and consult your doctor.
● So that children do not put, such as mouth, enough, please be careful.
This product can not be washed.
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