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Komodo Dragon



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Raw materials Natural rubber
* latex is an ingredient in natural rubber, and there is an antigenicity that is allergic to the protein.
Size Cm / 20 / 50
About goods Natural detail!

Age 7 years or older
Main material: natural rubber
Sri Lanka

Komodo dragon.
It lives in gilmontan Island, Komodo Island, southern Flores Island, and island of Indonesia.
Also known as the Komodo dragon, it is the most heavy lizard on earth, and the maximum weight is 166 kg.
From the poison tube that exists between the teeth, it is possible to throw the poison into the blood, and to catch prey.

Please do not use this product except for viewing purpose.
Do not come close to fire, because it may cause deformation or alteration.
Please do not treat rough or damaged, so please do not handle rough.
Natural rubber for use. In addition, there may be a small hole in the manufacturing process due to the characteristic of the material, but it is not a defective product.
Do not use latex allergy.
Please discontinue use and consult your doctor if you feel uncomfortable with the skin.
Please be careful not to let the child enter the mouth.
This product cannot be washed.
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