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raw materials natural rubber
*Latex is a component of natural rubber and is allergic to its proteins, so please refrain from buying it if you have an allergic.
Size W12 × D37 × 26cm
About Products The skin of real detail! Natural Rubber's skin contains cotton.

Subject age 7 years old or older Main Material: Natural Rubber
Country of production: Sri Lanka

What is Carnotaurus?
It is said that the origin of the name is the head of the Culno Taurus, with a large projection like the horn of a cow, and it is said that the image has been inflated from its unusual characteristics.
The large characteristic of the body of the Carnotaurus is the head of a large body, compared to the length of the side-by-side, and may be described as a bulldog from the head of the shape that has been crushed beside it.There were serrated teeth in the mouth, and the front legs were so small that they were reduced to about 50cm in the forefeet.

● Please do not use it other than for the purpose of appreciation.
The cause of the deformation, the change, or the fire is the cause of the fire, so do not approach the fire.
The cause of damage, deformation, and unexpected manipulation is the cause of unexpected treatment, so please stop treating it rough.
● We will be degraded due to the use of natural rubber.Also, in the manufacturing process, a small hole may be opened in the manufacturing process, but it is not a defective product.
Do not use latex allergy-Do not use latex allergy.
Please disuse your use and consult a doctor if you feel uncomfortable with your skin.
Please be careful not to let your children out of your mouth.
This product cannot be washed.
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