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Battle figurine Battle of Kawanakajima


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About raw materials Material: wood, foam polystyrene, paper, cotton polyester
Country of Origin: Japan
size W11 x D5.5 x H7 cm
About the product Each piece is carefully handmade using colorful Japanese paper.
The motif is the famous battle and Sengoku warlords.
Battle of Kawanakajima
It is a collective term for the legendary battles that have taken place five times over the 12 years from 1553 (astronomical 22nd year) to 1564 (7th year Eiroku). The nemesis Kai Shingen Takeda and Echigo Kenshin Uesugi argued over the control of Kita Shinano, but no win or loss despite the long battle. Since the fierce battle of the 4th battle of 1561 (Eiroku 4th year) is widely known, the place name that became the battlefield is called the battle of Kawanakajima, including the battles held in other places. Generally, however, when we say the battle of Kawanakajima, it means the fourth battle.
The long 12-year battle on Kawanakajima ended with no conclusion. It can be said that this is a battle between unrivaled generals, and it is a great battle that will go down in history.
While Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi were the two strongest warlords in a long battle in Shinano, Oda Nobunaga emerged in the west and proceeded to the unification of the world. If Shingen and Kenshin were forming an alliance against Nobunaga, or history might have changed significantly.
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