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Battle figurines Battle between Okeza


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About raw materials Material: wood, foam polystyrene, paper, cotton polyester
Country of Origin: Japan
size W11 x D5.5 x H7 cm
About the product Each piece is carefully handmade using colorful Japanese paper.
The motif is the famous battle and Sengoku warlords.
Battle between Okeza
"Battle between Okeza" changed the fate of the Sengoku world.
This is the battle between Nobunaga Oda and Yoshimoto Imagawa.
From the guardian daimyo to the great power of the Sengoku daimyo, there are Suruga (together) to the east of Owari, Toe (totoumi, both now Shizuoka prefecture), and Mikawa (Mikawa, now eastern Aichi prefecture). It is the added king of Mikuni.
Imagawa Yoshimoto suddenly invaded Owari in May 1560, heading a large army of 25,000.
At this time, Nobunaga Oda had only about 3,000 military forces, and in the normal view, he was sure to lose.
However, the Imagawa army that invaded Owari robbed the Oda family's fort one after another. Despite this situation, Nobunaga Oda of “Kiyosujo” does not seem to move at all, and he does not hold serious military controversy. Many of Shigeomi were disappointed. However, what happened, I suddenly ordered him to prepare for the battle, and he ran himself on a horse. By this time, the fort on the front had already fallen due to the attack by the Imagawa army.
Yoshimoto Imagawa took a good break from the outpost victory and rested comfortably.
Eventually, Nobunaga Oda will receive information that Yoshimoto Imagawa is taking a rest at Mt. Okebama.
At this time, Nobunaga Oda makes a decision to storm the enemy. This is the battle between Okebama.
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