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Battle figurines Osaka Summer Team


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About raw materials Material: wood, foam polystyrene, paper, cotton polyester
Country of Origin: Japan
size W11 x D5.5 x H7 cm
About the product Each piece is carefully handmade using colorful Japanese paper.
The motif is the famous battle and Sengoku warlords.
Osaka Summer Team
The "Osaka Winter Team" was held in 1614, and the "Osaka Summer Team" was held in 1615 the following year around "Osaka Castle". Ieyasu Tokugawa, who won this battle, destroyed the Toyotomi main family (Hashiba family).
The origin of the "Winter Team" is the "Hokuroji Kanemei Incident" that occurred in 1614.
In preparation for the battle with the Tokugawas, Toyotomi gathers about 100,000 troops, including Nobushige Sanada and Morikaka Chosokabe. , A famous ronin is in the race.
In response to the Tokugawa side, a solid castle operation in "Osaka Castle" utilizing the double moat was adopted.
On the other hand, the army led by Ieyasu Tokugawa has reached about 200,000 people, and the siege battle surrounding "Osaka Castle" will begin.
The Tokugawa side will attack the Toyotomi side by a large number and the cannons will be attacked every day, but due to the work of each corps such as the well-defended "Osaka Castle" and Sanada Maru, the Tokugawa side will Survive the onslaught. As a result, the "Osaka Fuyujinjin" will be closed by a proposal by Ieyasu Tokugawa.
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