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King penguin


About raw materials Main material: Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
size W19 x D19 x H33 cm


Target age 3 years and over

What is King Penguin?
King penguin with a total length of 95 cm. Also known as Osama Penguin.
At the time of the discovery, it was thought to be the largest penguin in the world, so it was named "King", but it was taken away by the Emperor Penguin (emperor Penguin) found later.
Perhaps because of that, it is the penguin, the second-largest penguin in the world, with a slight shadow.
It looks a lot like the Emperor Penguin, but the Usama Penguin is about 30 cm smaller and has a bright orange color at the throat.
They have strong territorial consciousness and fought violently among their families, but they coexist well without colliding with another penguin.
It has evolved adaptively so that it can live while swimming in the ocean, and both swimming ability and diving ability are high, and it is especially good at diving, and there is a record that it dives to a maximum depth of 344 m. Except for the breeding season, they live most of their lives in the ocean, where they act alone or in small groups.

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