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King Penguin (child)


About raw materials Main material: Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W19 x D19 x H33cm

King PenguinHere

Age 3 or older

King Penguin Hina
The king penguin's hina is not similar to parents at all because the body is brown as a plump.
Hina of the osama penguin sits together in the place of the frigid weather while consuming the fat stored during summer, and the severe cold and starvation of winter are endured by hina each other. The herd of chicks is called "Kureishi".
Hina eats a lot of food during summer in preparation for winter, and becomes bigger than parents.
It is said that more than half of the body is occupied by the stomach. Hina's weight becomes about half when winter ends, and there seem to be a lot of Hina who dies by the cold and fasting, too.

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