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Humboldt Penguin (child)



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about raw materials Main Materials: Polyester
Producing States: China
size W14×D11×H20cm

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subject age over three years

Humboldt Penguin Hina.
Humboldt penguins usually have habits of nesting in tunnels that dig rock holes and sand, but sometimes they nest on the surface, and they live around the nest and the sea.
There is also no determined breeding season, but spawning is often seen in April–May and September–October, and at one time usually lays two eggs, and eggs hatch in approximately 40 days or so.
Humboldt penguin hinas are brown from head to back, and white in abdomen; the hina plaques differ from adult birds when nesting, but gradually approach those of adult birds by repeating quintiles, which take more than two years. The color of the eyes changes as the adult becomes.

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