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Emperor Penguin(Child)


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About raw materials Main material: Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W18 x D18 x H30cm

L SaisHere
Medium size isHere

Age 3 or older

Kotei Penguin Hina
Because the body is large, the egg is large, and the period until hina hatches is long, too.
The female wears out physical strength at a dash by the egg laying. Therefore, if you don't eat food at once, you'll run out of power. When the male begins to warm the egg safely, it begins to return to the road which came toward the sea. The male son who is left warms the egg without drinking it and eating it until the female comes back single-mindedly. Hina is born in two months, but the female does not return. When the mother returns to Hina, she vomits back the food she has stored in her stomach and gives it. And it's your turn for the males who have endured desperately to get food.
When the female comes back, there is a male who has already run out of power, too. Then, it is not possible to eat penguin milk, and hina dies, too. When a female comes back, she is confused by the lack of her own children and sometimes takes away other pairs of children. Parents desperately protect their children from being deprived. Hina might lose the life in this fight.

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