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Red Blood Cell

Giant Microbes

About raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of origin: China
size W12 x D4 x H12 cm

Target age 6 years or older

Cells that make up blood carry oxygen and carbon dioxide

Red blood cell
Red blood cells are a type of blood cell that plays a role in carrying oxygen. From (Wikipedia)
A single cell that is the main component of blood. In vertebrates, it is red because it contains hemoglobin, and in mammals, it has a concave disc shape in the center and is anucleate. In humans, there are about 5 million males and 4.5 million females in 1 cubic millimeter of blood. It is made from bone marrow and destroyed by the spleen and liver, with an average lifespan of approximately 120 days. From the function of carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide (Digital Daijisen)
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