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Giant Microbes


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About raw materials Main Material:Polyester
Country of origin:China
Size W12.5×D3.5×H14.5cm

Age 6 +

The center of the body the source of life

The organs that drive blood circulation(Wikipedia)
The human heart is located in the middle of the chest, slightly to the left, and the whole is made up of muscles.The heart contracts regularly to pump blood all over the body.The blood is oxygenated and nourished throughout the body,and the carbon dioxide and waste products from the organs throughout the body are returned to the heart by the blood.Carbon dioxide is processed into the lungs, and waste products are sent back to the kidneys and liver.Since the body cannot survive if blood cannot circulate effectively, the heart plays an extremely important role as a pump to pump blood.
From the"Japanese Society of arrhythmia and electrocardiography" HP
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