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Giant Microbes

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About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W7 x D3 x H7.5cm

Age 6 years old or older

Body Food Mixer

First of all, food is stored in the stomach for several hours after the meal. Therefore, the secreted stomach juice and food are mixed well. The gastric juice contains the digestive enzymes needed to chemically refine the food. There are various digestive enzymes that break down each, such as protein, sugar, and milk fat. In addition, hydrochloric acid in the stomach fluid has a bactericidal effect, preventing bacteria from entering. Eventually, the muddy porridge-like food is sent to the duodenum. It takes three to five hours for all the food to be digested and empty in the stomach.
From "Chugai Pharmaceutical HP/ Patients/ General People/ Body's Quick"
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