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Small Intestine

Giant Microbes

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raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
size W7×D3×H7cm

6 years or older,
to digest food and absorb the nutrients

the small intestine,
small intestine,stomach and in the duodenum the digested food breaks down nutrients, absorbs them all. The duodenum is also a part of the small intestine, but in General the small intestine is the jejunum・ileum part. The small intestine is the most lengthy organ and it is about 6 meters too. "The small intestine, inside spread and the tennis of the surface 1 of 4 minutes 1 most of the area to be"period.
Of the small intestine in a lot of down-like, and nourishing without absorption, and immune cells just as enemies fought there.
"Chugai HP/patients・General of all/from you, only"more
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