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Giant Microbes


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About raw materials Main Material:Polyester
Country of origin:China
Size W7.5×D3×H5.5cm

Age 6 +

Responsible for digestion, secretion and immunity

The largest organ in the body.
The liver is said to be the largest gland * in the body, having the ability to chemically make and change various substances such as nutrients.It also uses thousands of enzymes to produce more than 500 complex chemical changes.It is said that human beings cannot yet make a chemical factory that works the same as the liver for this purpose.It is important for all organs that the liver is healthy.The size of the liver is about 50/1 with the weight of the adult liver, and the weight is approximately 1 kg to 1.5 kg.
* Glands: the organs that produce, store, secrete and excrete certain substances in the body
From "Chugai HP / patients and the general public/Kodan sukumi"
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