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Giant Microbes

About raw materials Main Material:Polyester
Country of origin:China
Size W4.5×D4×H7.5cm

Age 6 +

I can't believe it. It is said to be the strongest organism!?

It lives in various environments from land to the sea,and is often found in places close to us such as Moss.At present at least 700 species have been confirmed, but it is expected to continue increasing in the future.It belongs to the tardigrade gate as described above, and as its name suggests, the movement is very slow.Furthermore, it is divided into 3 species of mugwort, mugwort, and mugwort.(Nico Nico Douga)
The dojjadanoyamakumushi is an uncharacteristic, yet humorous, aphid.It is one of the most well-studied species.Eat green algae with "vegetative".Hatching from eggs, they begin to mature and lay eggs for about 1 Week.The egg is laid in the moulted shell.The number of eggs laid at a time is 30 or more when there is a large number.It's not too dry.It is not surprising that the species originally lived in the pond, so its suitability for drying is not high.
(From NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC kumamusu observation picture diary)
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