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The Clap

Giant Microbes

about raw materials Main Material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
size W4×D4×H8cm

subject age over 6 years old

Bacteria, diseases, one of the most famous sexually transmitted diseases.

The disease is an infection caused by infection to bacteria, one of the sexually transmitted diseases. In mycotic urethritis, there is a strong inflammation of the urethra and painful abscess.
About 60% of infected women can confirm the bacteria, and in the case of male infected people, if they look at the secretion sample, they can be diagnosed at more than 90%. Even if a thumb or rectal infection is suspected, samples of these sites are taken and conducted culture tests; urology and venereal diseases in men, obstetrics and gynecology and sexual illnesses in women; and otolaryngology in cases of pharyngeal infection.
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