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Giant Microbes


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Raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W8. 5×D2×H10cm

6 years or older,

of the blood in antibodies, a kind of intruder and find the catch(hand of the raider has)

, antibodies specific foreign matter to the antigen(mark)bind specifically to the foreign substance in the body to remove from the molecule.
Antibodies are immunoglobulin like proteins. Foreign substance that enters the body and the foreign substance is an antigen and specifically binds to the antibody, making the foreign matter to eliminate such work.
Our body what the foreign body intrusion even,fit snugly antibodies can be made. The blood of antibodies to the foreign substance is an antigen and phagocytes are macrophages and neutrophils, by activating the foreign object removed. (Chugai HP)
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