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Giant Microbes

About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W8 x D6.5 x H6cm

Age 6 years old or older

Single-celled protozoa living in freshwater, seawater, and soil

Size: 200-500μm Width 50-100μm
Special: Large fast amoeba movement in mononuclear amoeba
The oamoeba does not have motor organs such as whiplash or cilia, but it moves by freely deforming the shape of the body. Such movement is called amoeba movement, it is not limited to protozoa such as amoeba, it is also used in the cell movement of multicellular organisms such as white blood cells and cancer cells of animals. There are several types of amoeba movement, and in the case of oamoeba, it is thought that the movement is done by the mechanism called the breb.
From "Biological Movement Machinery Picture Book"
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