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About raw materials Main material: Main material: Acrylic
Country of origin: China
size W14 x D18 x H24 cm

Target age 3 years or older

What is a raccoon?
It's similar to a raccoon dog, and the name comes from the fact that it looks like you are washing your hands as you poke your forefeet into the water and search for prey.
It is an omnivorous and captures and eats small animals. Native to North America, it also inhabits Japan and Europe as an exotic species. Due to the breeding after transfer, damage to agricultural products and impact on the ecosystem have become problems.
It has grayish-brown body hair and has black spots from around the eyes to the cheeks. It is often mistaken as a raccoon dog, but the main feature of the raccoon dog is that the long bushy tail has black horizontal stripes.
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