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About raw materials The main material: The main material: Acrylic
A production country: China
Size W14×D30×H13cm

Target age 6 years old or older

With the beaver?
I adapt myself to underwater life, and the fur such as the velvet resists water, and a hind leg has a web. It is flat, and the big tail has a shape of the oar, but helps it though I get driving force by moving it up and down. It is said to distinguishing the male female by appearance that there are the male testicles in the body and goes out only in a breeding season that hard to please.
I inhabit the damp plain around the one such as a river or a lake, a pond and live I form a pair and family group consisting of the calves life.
In herbivory, I assume a leaf and grass of 2 kilos, the peel of a tree food on a day. I often bite a tree to the full to assume a leaf food. A branch of 50 centimeters strips ~ of all his clothes in only three minutes.

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