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Orange-kneed Tarantula


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size cm: 19.5 L x 16 W x 4 H
About the product Target age 3 years or older
An American brand that expresses the desire to make animals feel closer to you while you play.
It is made to the finest details and features a powerful pose that is about to start moving.

Classification: Araneae
Scientific name: Theraphosidae
English name: Orange-kneed Tarantula

What is a tarantula?
It was a very large spider, which was once disliked in the past, but became popular because of its gentle character and little poison.
Above all, Mexican red knee is a popular pet as it has a beautiful contrast between black and orange.
Tarantula grows larger when shed, and before shedding, make a carpet of thread in your place to make it easier to feel the enemy's presence.

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