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WS Sauropelta


size cm: 18 L x 6 W
About the product Target age 6 years or older
An American brand that expresses the desire to make animals feel closer to you while you play.
It is made to the finest details and features a powerful pose that is about to start moving.

Dinosaurs inhabiting the early Cretaceous continent of North America

What is Sauroperta?
Sauroperta means "shield of lizard", and as the name implies, it is a four-legged herbivorous dinosaur whose entire body is covered with armor-like armor. In addition, it was thought that the risk of being attacked by a large carnivorous dinosaur was low if it was a mature individual because it was quite large and had horns on the whole body, but in reality it is a violent Dromaeosaurs. Evidence of being attacked has been discovered from dinosaurs and Deinonyx.

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