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Chain King Snake


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Size cm: 19 L x 15.2 W x 2.29 H
About the product Age 3 or older
American brand with the desire to feel close to animals while playing.
It is made elaborately to detail, it is characterized by a powerful posing that seems to move at any moment.

Classification: Scale senome nemihebifamily
Name: Lampropeltis getula
English name Common kingsnake

What is Chain King Snake?
It lives in various environments such as deserts, forests, grasslands, and farmland.
Common King Snake and eastern king snake and other other names are called.
The food is animal food, and it eats fish, amphibians, small reptiles, birds and eggs, small mammals, etc.
The fact that they also eat rattlesnakes (which are resistant to venom) is the origin of the snake's king-king snake name.

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