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Thomson's Gazelle


size cm: 8.25 L x 6.25 H
About the product Target age 6 years or older
An American brand that expresses the desire to make animals feel closer to you while you play.
It is made to the finest details and features a powerful pose that is about to start moving.

Classification: Bovine Bovid
Scientific name: Eudorcas thomsonii
English name: Thomson's gazelle

What is Thomson's Gazelle?
It is a small gazelle with a body length of 1 m and a body height of 60 cm, and has 15-40 cm horns for both sexes.
The back is brown, the abdomen is slightly pale, and there is a wide black band on the body side from the base of the forelimb to the hindlimb. There is also a black area under the eyes, and small groups of about 30 animals are living in the grasslands. The herd is headed by an older female leader and preyed on by carnivores such as cheetahs and hyenas. It is the herbivore most commonly found in Kenya and Tanzania in Africa.
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