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Kid Goat


Size cm: 5.2 L x 1.5 W x 4.3 H
About the product Age 3 or older
American brand with the desire to feel close to animals while playing.
It is made elaborately to detail, it is characterized by a powerful posing that seems to move at any moment.

Classification: Whale-animal bovine family
Name: Capra
English name: Goat

What is a goat?
They live in the northeastern part of the African continent and the Eurasian continent.
Goats often withstand rough food, and do not suffer from rugged terrain. The owner of such a strong character.
There is a habit that likes a high place as "goat", and it is possible to stay in the place where the balance of the foot is bad high like the cliff cliff and the branch of the tree.

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