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WW Gorilla Male Silverback


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Size cm: 15 L x 9.6 W x 16 H
About the product Age 3 or older
American brand with the desire to feel close to animals while playing.
It is made elaborately to detail, it is characterized by a powerful posing that seems to move at any moment.

Classification:: Long-eyed human family
Name: Gorilla Gorilla
English name: Gorilla

What is a gorilla?
Gorillas have a ferocious image because of their appearance, but they are actually said to be gentle and delicate animals.
Gorillas are the largest of the primates, and the gorillas have a grip of at least 400kg.
Adult male gorillas grow gray as their backs grow, and their backs stick out.
The act of beating the chest, called drumming, makes friends know where they are and calms themselves.

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