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Encyclopedia of breath disappointing one after another



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Size Pages: 160
Size of a book: Twelvemo
About a product "Encyclopedia of disappointing breath" of the million breakthrough The third of the expectation!

An author name: Tadaaki Imaizumi (supervisor)
ISBN :978-4-471-10369-9

The creature which is "disappointed with" which I am laughable, and gets courage comes up one after another
On the earth, there are a lot of creatures with great ability.
But, on the other hand, do not think; "became so why"! とつっこみたくなる
The creature having a disappointing mask exists.

With this book becoming the series third, "the microbe" to learn from readers by "the plant" which there was many of the request, a class of the science joins it and powers it up more!

The "parameciums which go bald when I bathe in a" chimpanzee to tickle oneself by "oneself, and to laugh at, the" goat which are going to climb the high place to write in "," liquor…… As a result of evolution, it is sure to get that I get courage from creatures which have looked slightly disappointing for some reason!
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