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Tree Kangaroo


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Elaborately made, you such a powerful pose features.

Classification:bipolar anterior eye kangaroo Department
scientific name:Dendrolagus matschiei
English name:Tree Kangaroo

the kangaroo is?
The kangaroo fellow, Papua New Guinea and Australia's Queensland in the Northeast, and around some of the Islands in distribution.
Like the name,mainland Australia distribution to the kangaroo genus and have climbed up the tree,a semi-arboreal life.
The body is slight in the males large, the body and the appearance of life, such as the kangaroo genus is different, the hind legs are well developed, the kangaroo belongs to the most significant but not large. However, the forelimb is well developed, and I do.
Hair color is a maroon or reddish-brown hues like in the throat, from the ventral to the extremities of which are pale, cream-like color. The vine of the movement is agile,long tail to balance the forces.
Kangaroo genus, as well as the female the abdomen is 育児嚢 there's usually 1 Production 1 child gave birth to,a newborn child is in his power 育児嚢 entered 10 ~ 12 months between 育児嚢 in the grow.
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