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Tasmanian Devil


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size cm: 9.3 L x 2.3 W x 5.3 H
About the product Target age 3 years or older
An American brand that expresses the desire to make animals feel closer to you while you play.
It has been carefully crafted to the smallest detail and features powerful poses that are likely to start moving.

Classification: Saccharomyces scorpioformes scorpionidae
Scientific name: Sarcophilus harrisii
English name: Tasmanian devil

What is Tasmania Devil?
It is a marsupial that has a bag on its stomach like kangaroos and koalas, but its mouth is facing downward.
The body is 50-60 cm, the length of the tail is 70-90 cm, and the weight is around 10 kg, which is about the same as a medium-sized dog.
The whole body is covered with black hair, and the chest has a white horizontal line reminiscent of a black bear.
Due to its carnivorous nature, it has sharp teeth, and the upper canine, which plays the most important role in hunting for prey, is characterized by continuous growth. The limbs also have sharp claws, which are used when digging soil or climbing trees to make burrows rather than to hunt prey.
At night, I go out for food. Often eats the flesh of dead animals, and eats small mammals as well as birds and insects. It has a strong biting power that you cannot imagine from a small body, and it will crush not only meat but also skin and bones.
The habitat is Tasmania, Australia, as the name implies.

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