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Sugar Glider


SKU: 100074
Size cm: 16.7 L x 7.6 W x 4.5 H
About products Age 6 +
An American brand that wants to make animals feel familiar while playing.
It is made finely to the details, and it is characterized by powerful poses that seem to start moving even now.

Scientific name: Petaurus breviceps
Name: Sugar Glider

What is owl Monga?
They are the same marsupials as the Kangaroos.The female has a bag in the tummy and she raises children in it.
Body length around 12cm ~ 16cm (including the tail 24 ~ 28cm) weight 90 ~ 150g.
Life span is 7-12 years in captivity.
The male is marked with saliva or stinky glands.There is an odor gland in the forehead and chest, and when mature, only the male can be bald on the part of the chest and Deco.
Owl Monga is a nocturnal animal that creates a community and lives in a flock.
It is omnivorous and eats Acacia and several types of eucalyptus SAP, fruit juice, pollen and insects.
Females usually give birth to 1-2 heads.The young beast grows in the nursery for about 70 days,after which it spends 40-50 days in the nest.They then secure food outside the nest, usually taken care of by their mothers, and young individuals usually leave the group at 7-10 months.
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