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Corn Snake


Size cm: 13.2 L x 9.5 W x 2.6 H
About a product Target age 3 years old or older
The American brand that thought to want you to feel an animal to be close while playing was put.
It is made precisely in detail and features powerful ポージング which seems to begin to move at any moment.

A classification: Existence scale eyes Nami snake department
学名: Pantherophis guttatus
Fame: Corn snake

Corn snake
Up to 183cm in total length. The opinion which it assumes an origin that a spot looks like corn (corn) has Japanese name and the fame.
I like the forest, but inhabit a grassy plain, the farming place. It is 地表棲, but may climb climbing a tree on a tree well. There are not half nocturnal habits and is nocturnal and is active mainly in twilight and the night. I take a rest in the ground in the daytime in a not crowded hole and stone or inverse under a tree. The population of the northern part of distribution area hibernates in the winter season, but, as for the southern population, an anniversary is active
The eating habit eats small mammals, birds and the egg, reptiles, amphibians in animal food.

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