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Wild Graphy Tree Frog


SKU: SA030
About raw materials The main material: Polyester
A production country: China
Size W15×D16×H11cm
About a product It is the unique color of the animal and the new stuffed toy which reproduced a pattern. The print added exquisite arrangement not a mere photograph to leave the attractiveness like the stuffed toy while using the cloth which I printed to the pattern of the details like a photograph.

Target age 6 years old or older

With the tree frog?
Because the garden of a rice field and the house of the urban area, the forest are seen widely, and there is a sucker in this kind, I like it over a tree and see it by all means in a rice field when it is at time of the rice-transplanting.
I am seen in each place of Japan, and the size has a bigger female at around 22-45mm.
From March to November visit the rice field in the breeding season, but spend it other than it in a field and the grass around the rice field, the forest.
In flesh-eating, I eat small Insecta and Arachnida, but most of the males of the breeding season do not eat bait. I enter the rice with a sucker and eat many pests, and the illumination of a window and the vending machine of the house attracts it at night, and a figure eating a gathering insect is seen to be lighted. I finish breeding in particular, and, at time apart from a rice field, a gathering figure is seen in illumination. The male blows up the bag under the chin called "鳴 のう" and calls in "グエッグエッグエッ" and a loud voice when it becomes before and after rain. Because it rains if this frog cries, the name called "the tree frog" is said that there was it. I can change one's color of the body to neighboring colors and am green when I am in the grassland, but become brown at the place where there are many soil and dead leaves.
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