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Hang Manta Ray


About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W16 x D19 x H2cm
About the product The feature that hangs by the hand is as it is even if it becomes small.
It's interesting to line up with the existing regular version.♪

Age 3 or older

Stuffed mantaei of [100 +1] becomes a little small mascot and is new!
It is now possible to always carry it because it is with the ball chain not to mention hanging in various places and enjoying it as an interior.
I wanted you to take me with you when I went out, so I made a mascot with a small ball chain, "100+1Hang", while leaving the taste of "100+1".
Gift Wrapping
Gift bags can be purchased separately.
100+1 Gift bag (Large)
100+1 Gift bag (Small)
Please purchase necessary number of gift bags if you prefer multiple packaging.