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New Safari products for 2021!

New Safari products are coming soon! Get ahold of Safari Ltd.’s carefully researched and well-crafted figurines. Not only are Safari Figurines accurate and authentic, it is also free from harmful substances, making every toy safe for your child and the environment.

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Animal puppets from the 100+1 series!

Animal puppets where you can move the hands and the head and make cute gestures, fun puppet skits, and anything else you can imagine! It has the same cute and realistic look of 100+1 stuffed animals but with double the possibilities! Great for puppet shows, cute photos, and teaching materials! 100+1 Sloth Puppet100+1 Wombat Puppet

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Newest additions to Sakana-kun’s stuffed animal lineup

Introducing the newest additions to Sakana-kun’s stuffed animal lineup! This time, we’re adding the Snowflake moray, Arapaima gigas, and Black scraper. Also introducing the Bluefin tuna, Olive flounder, and Sakana-kun’s iconic Boxfish stuffed animals in keychain mascot form! Sakana-kun’s stuffed animals are like no other! The estimated release date mid-December 2020.

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